It has been quite a few months since my last post. Most of my projects have been on hold for a while as I have been moving house. But we have finally settled in and it’s time to get back to it! (until the next move).

I have progressed slightly on the old telephone switchboard, all parts have been pulled out of the unit and I have stripped back the old finish, most of it was in such a bad state that it would just flake off when touched. I have started to sand back the wood to prepare for the new finish, there is obvious water damage in parts but nothing too serious. I have decided to go with an original Shellac finish rather than something more modern, after watching a lot of you tube videos on how to apply Shellac I had more confidence. I have ordered a 220g jar of shellac flakes from Ideal Tools ( which should make 1 litre of finish, however I am still waiting for my order to arrive but in the meantime I can continue to prepare the surface.

My satellite dish set up has not progressed any further, I need to obtain some steel tube to construct a mount for the dish, until then it is all collecting dust. This is not a high priority for me at the moment, I want to get my switchboard finished and then start working on a few new projects; Briggs & Stratton engine rebuild/maintenance, and a digital read out (DRO) for my lathe (and milling machine when I get one), more info on these projects to come.