Carbon Crud

I have a bit of an update to my Briggs rebuild, I pulled off the head and inspected the carbon build-up on the piston and valves, as you can see from the image above its quite a lot! and a large piece actually fell out as I was taking the head off. I have since cleaned this up with a wire brush and it’s looking much better now. I will be putting the head back on shortly to test the compression before I replace the piston rings and lap the valves.

Below is an image of most of the peripheral parts laid out on a shelf ready for cleaning (more thoroughly). After pulling the carby off the fuel tank, it looks like ill be needing a new diaphragm.

Briggs & Bits

I have also striped back the paint off the steel cover using some thinner and sanded back most of the rust with 100grit sandpaper, some of the deeper stuff I had to use a sanding wheel on my Dremel, there were quite a few dents in the front and I have managed to ‘panel beat’ most of them out and clean the rust out of the pits, a few smaller dents remain which I will fill before respraying. Hopefully I will get a chance to respray it tomorrow before it starts to form rust. I purchased some red engine enamel and my new Briggs & Stratton decal sticker has arrived, so it should come up a treat!

Briggs & Stratton Cover

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