Briggs & Stratton Cover - RustedBriggs & Stratton Cover - Rust Removed

Preparing the metal cover has been quite a bit of work, I had already prepared the top side of the cover by removing the paint, rust and dents using elbow grease, however I decided that I should also remove the rust from the underside of the cover too before I respray – If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

Recently I have been looking into ways to restore old rusted tools and I have been very intrigued in the method of using electrolysis to remove rust. During the past week I had been doing a bit of research online on the subject and I tested it on an old rusted ring spanner which cleaned up quite well. I decided it was a good way to remove rust off parts of the mower without much effort (don’t work harder, work smarter) and the result above speaks for itself! I wont go into the specifics of the rust removal in this post, I’ll dedicate another post to it shortly as I didn’t take enough pictures of my set-up, however in the meantime if you are interested this site has great information on rust removal by electrolysis, there are also many tutorials on youtube.

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