One of the machines I want for my little workshop is a power hacksaw or horizontal bandsaw to cut my stock to length to place in the lathe. I was after a good old unit that could be a nice restoration project, I enjoy the idea of restoring/rebuilding machinery, then I know for sure it’s in good condition and will also know it back to front.

I came across this ‘oldie-but-goodie’ on ebay which looked like it needed a bit of work to bring it back. This is the original picture as advertised:

Power Hacksaw Untouched

I received the hacksaw today, I’m quite happy with it.

Power Hacksaw

It’s a very nice, heavy and sturdy machine, all the mechanisms seem to move freely and as expected when I turn the belt wheel by hand the saw goes through the forward cutting motion, then on return lifts the blade, however the cylinder isn’t working so after the return the blade comes down with the full weight of the upper portion of the machine into the work piece, this would break teeth of the blade or the blade itself so I decided not to power it up for an initial test run until I at least fix that issue.

Another issue with the saw is the bed where the vice clamp is, the casting is actually cracked straight through and has been repaired at some stage (and not very well), the surface level of the bed either side of the crack is not level, the repair can be seen on the side, a metal strip has been bolted and welded to hold the two pieces together.

Broken power hacksaw bed

It looks like the hacksaw had been neglected for a while, the tray was almost full to the brim of rusted filings which had formed one solid piece over time. I managed to pry it out and break it up, finding many broken blades buried under the filings. To my surprise the tray itself is still in good condition, I expected the worst that it would be almost rusted through.

Tray full of filings

I will detail the restoration process as I go, I will start by stripping the machine down into it’s individual parts, degrease and clean them, then sand blast old paint off, replace any broken or worn parts, new coat of paint then oil and re-assemble. However I still have other ‘Work in Progress..’ which I have not finished yet! so it might be a while before I get started on it.

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