I have finally got back onto the mower rebuild!

I purchased a small sand blasting cabinet and dust extractor from the Hare and Forbes Machinery House 3-day sale a few weeks ago. Now I can start sandblasting the old paint and built-up rubbish from the outside of the engine casting, this should get things done a lot faster!

Sand blasting cabinet

It’s a small sand blasting cabinet, but should be fine for these small parts.

Using a 25Kg bag of Garnet that I also bought from the sale, I have sandblasted the head of the Briggs & Stratton after plugging up the spark plug hole with an old sparkplug, it’s cleaning up quite nicely :)

Sand blasting briggs and stratton head Sand blasted briggs & stratton head

I need to go over it a few more times to remove some little bits I missed, however I am quite happy with the results. I just hope I can find time to do the rest of it soon.

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