I was going through a box of lathe parts that I had not sorted through yet and I came across what looked like a compound slide of some sort, then it hit me, it was a vertical slide attachment for the lathe. On closer inspection I realised that the style of the casting and the paint colour matched that of the Advance Lathe.

Here are a few pic’s after I removed the compound slide and mounted the vertical slide to the cross slide of the Advance.

Advance Lathe Vertical SlideAdvance Lathe vertical slide

I think it may be an original Advance vertical slide attachment! now I can do milling of small parts in my lathe! :)

I also found a little vice that looks like it has been modified with a new base to align the mounting holes to the T-slots on the vertical slide!

Advance Lathe milling attachmentAdvance Lathe milling attachment

Attached to the vertical slide was an odd-looking attachment, again similar colour paint. I think their may be a few parts to it missing but to me it looks like some kind of gear cutting attachment, another original Advance lathe accessory? perhaps so..

Advance Lathe gear cutting attachment

If you know what this is and how it should be used please leave a comment.

I’m very excited that I have found what seems to be genuine attachments for the Advance Lathe, I had no idea that grandpa had these items for the lathe, I often wondered how he got by without any milling equipment. If I can get some gear cutting going as well as milling I’ll be very happy.

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